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Instructions and Help about Missouri buyers order

All new at five 41 Action News reporter Brian Abel explains the process of buying a gun Brian well the first step is having a valid ID and then filling out this ATF questionnaire the US on a record pasted this year for the amount of these that have been processed take a look this graph right here using stats by the FBI going back to 1999 right now 2022 is the highest year on record that is the year of Sandy Hook and Aurora and with the month of December still to go 2022 may surpass it this is the form Center fire shooting sports gene besouro says her new customers are mostly women they are thinking about their safety and say a lot of women are single moms living on their own and so it's more on their mind when they come into the Olathe gun shop if they want a firearm they must fill out this ATF form it's usually pretty quick you know it might take the customer 5-10 minutes to fill out the form basore then calls the FBI's National instant criminal background check system NICs usually within about 15 minutes will get a response NICs check for felonies one that kind of surprises people is misdemeanor marijuana charge a misdemeanor domestic violence charge there is also a mental health question if you've been adjudicated mentally defective which means that you were actually committed against your will in three years of business centerfire has sold thousands of firearms only 12 background checks have been denied we never know they don't give us a reason why basore does have a theory for why 55,000 background checks in Missouri and more than 18,000 in Kansas were processed in November of this year alone part of that is because it is Black Friday part of it is probably what's kind of going on in the world today though she says she's not seen the same fear driven sales as she saw at the end of 2022 it's certainly not like the AR rush back after the Sandy Hook shooting it and of note basore says there is one scenario where someone could buy a gun without getting approved by that background check system if NYX chooses to delay an application the store puts it on hold for about three days and if they don't hear back from NICs within those three days they can go ahead and still sell the gun without we're hearing back from next really interesting Brian thank you for that.

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