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If you don't have the money in cash do you really need to buy an expensive new car if you're in the beginning of your career and you haven't got much money you haven't saved enough can you do for the time being with public transport until you save enough money but some people will say I work out of town it's very difficult to get public transport I need to occur to have shopping and also other things so the next question can you do for the time being with a good used car I'm not saying a lemon that you spend on it many times what you paid for some we might have had that experience I did one time if you get a reasonably good used car and as you know after three years the price would really go down quite a bit can you do with that until you save enough to buy a better car in cash but even if you have to and you don't have the money and you don't have any person to give you a car the Hasaan which could have been could be done through the various Islamic centres or communities is there any way of buying a car well your brothers and sisters in Toronto already develop the system for car buying you can contact them for details but in essence they used one fatwa that while some scholars did not agree with that some scholars believe that viable agile mafia determined that selling for a term with the increase in price is permissible in Sharia that means I want to buy this house for now if I have to pay cash I have to pay a hundred thousand if I pay on installments over five years or later or pay you after five years then it's 115 for example while I have some reservation and that because again it it might have some element of similarity with ribah but at least for the intellectual honesty that even though I'm not comfortable with it at least there is room for that in among some jurist so what they do is to let you shop around to find the card that you like most they buy it and then they made a make an agreement with you to tell it to you at a higher place in return for that for the payment on installments or later payment again like I said you might say what's the difference it's not exactly the same like when you buy from the the car dealer who tells you openly the market price is seven point eight percent side they have the tables amortized over so many months this is what you're supposed to pay this is a different concept to some degree that is if need be how about the big problem of buying homes it's very difficult especially with the skyrocketing prices of home for anyone to to buy in cash.

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