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Learning to invest with your life insurance policy that's today's show let's dive into it hey everyone welcome to the investing in real estate show I'm Clayton Morris I'm Natali Morris and once a week Natalie and I get together as a family to talk about real estate investing and talk about buying and hold real estate for the purposes of creating legacy wealth for you and your family and something that Natalie and I have been exploring recently is life insurance as a vehicle for us purchasing real estate you want to kind of give the backstory about why we even went down this rabbit hole alright so if you've listened to this podcast you've heard few people already talk about the value of having whole life insurance and using it to invest in their things or finance your life in other ways they call it infinite banking and so we've listened to these people tell us about this we've heard people talk about it on other podcasts but we just sort of felt like that's one other thing to learn we've got all these other tools we've talked about the 401k loan the IRA purchase and creating notes right so we felt properly diversified but then Clayton left his job in September and we had a 401k that we wanted to rollover and we wanted to explore all of the options for how to do that so then I thought well maybe this life insurance thing is the right thing to do so I found a little ebook on Amazon it talked about how this one couple had gotten taken to the cleaners in their 401k because that was their only savings vehicle and it was cyclical with the market and so they had lost like 80 percent the value and had no other means of savings and how the wife was really pissed off that the husband had math abuse shins and so I thought oh well can you the point of this book was that the 401k is crappy we already know that and that the life insurance is a better product which may or may not be true it made me think that maybe you can use a 401k to buy a life insurance policy well it turns out you can't do that you can only roll a 401k over into an IRA to make a non-taxable event however this did lead me down the rabbit hole of figuring out is this life insurance thing really were that for us because like I said we've heard people tell us about this all the time but I don't know what's what's been your hesitation about doing it it you know it's one of those things where it's like you can kind of bury your head in the sand but you feel enough tugs on your sleeve you know when your kids are like in the kitchen like mommy mommy mommy daddy daddy then I kind.

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