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How do I legally purchase a shotgun in Texas?
Be 18 years old or more.Have no felony convictions, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions or restraining orders. Dont be a drug addict, dont have been involuntarily committed to a psych hospital, dont have a dishonorable discharge from the Military, walk into a gun shop, pick out the one you want, fill out the Federal Background Check Form #4473, wait 15 min or so, hand over the cash, walk out
How do ordinary people go about buying a gun in your country/state?
TEXAS:There is no gun registration, or gun permit required to purchase a gun in Texas. Usually, there is no additional fee, beyond the purchase price of the gun. The exception would be when the two parties to a private transaction use the services of an FFL to transfer the firearm ownership. In that case, there would be whatever fee that FFL charges, and there is no set rate for that. Fees tend to run between $10 and $25 or so, depending on who they are and where they are. Texas uses the NICS instant background check system run by the FBI for people who do not possess a permit to carry concealed. Unless you are otherwise unqualified for lawful gun ownership (felony convictions, psychiatric history, known gang affiliations, etc.), you walk into the store, choose the gun, fill out the BATFE Form 4473, hand over your driver's license or other state issued photo ID, and wait for 10-15 minutes while they call in your information to NICS. (I believe this can now be processed online too, rather than just by phone.) When the background check clears, you pay for the gun and leave with it. The entire process usually takes 15-20 minutes.If you have a Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License), you have ALREADY gone through a far more stringent background check than that required by NICS, so NICS is not involved in the purchase. When you choose your gun for purchase, you hand the sales clerk both your TDL and your CHL, you fill out Form 4473, you pay, and you leave with your gun. Assuming you know what you want, time in and out depends on how much time you spend shooting the breeze with the salesperson.....and that is entirely up to you.Funny thing is..... ever since leaving California, I have purchased far more guns than I owned when I still lived there, and despite not having to wait 10 days, and despite not having to purchase emasculated "Calfornia Only" versions of those guns, not one single one of them has ever been used in a criminal manner, or stored in an unsafe manner. Not one of them has ever jumped up of its own accord and massacred an entire school yard full of children........and our murder rate is lower than California's.....Guns: Texas vs CaliforniaKeep in mind that there are 48% more people in California, but California suffers 56% more gun murders than Texas. Similarly, of all ways to murder people, Californians murder people with guns 69% of the time, while Texans murder with guns only 65% of the time. This indicates that the average Californian is more likely to murder or be murdered with a gun than the average Texan.No-one knows for sure how many guns exist, are owned, and who owns them, but I did find a 2022 survey that purportedly broke down likely gun ownership by state. According to these numbers, Texans as a whole own 45% more guns than Californians. That’s total guns, not guns per capita. So it would seem that even with fewer total guns spread among more people, more are still murdered with guns in California.If you break down the number of gun murders per 100,000 people, we see the likelihood of gun murder relative to the size of the population. This is the actual likelihood that you will be murdered with a gun in that state. With this measure, we see that your chance of murder by gun is 1 in 29,674 in California, compared to the less likely 1 in 31,348 in Texas.Interestingly, the most violent gun crime area in America by far is Washington DC. No state comes anywhere close. There is almost an order of magnitude more gun murders in Washington DC than any state. Your chance of being murdered with a gun in Washington DC is 1 in 6,250. Washington DC is infamous for its long standing ban on legal gun ownership by private citizens, in direct violation of the Second Amendment. This ban was partially lifted a couple years ago, but the restrictions on private gun ownership are still severely limited.At the other end of the spectrum, the city of Kennesaw, Georgia has had a city ordinance since 1982 requiring all households to own at least one gun and ammunition for it, with the reasonable exceptions of the mentally handicapped, religiously convicted against guns, and known criminals. Their overall crime rate is half the US average.Why do you suppose that is? And don't give me poverty, immigration, and race as issues. We have poor people, immigrant people, and ethnic people in Texas too.....probably in similar proportions to California. I think, and this is a very generalized statement, that the reason is a greater sense of personal responsibility among Texans, both for their personal station in life as well as the role of government in their lives than among Californians. We trust ourselves with guns because we are not ignorant about responsibility. This difference exists because Texans still have a healthy mistrust of overbearing government, while Californians welcome it, abdicating their personal responsibilities in the process. Again, these are very general statements, and I recognize that there are many Californians who think like I do, but are simply trapped there by job and/or family circumstances and history, and are not likely to leave the state like I did.Anyway, I apologize for the soapbox, but I thought it necessary to explain why Texans, as a whole, tend to be far more libertarian than some other states about controls on gun purchases. It is not sufficiently libertarian (in my view) in other areas, specifically in the matter of Open Carry, both of handguns and long guns.By way of explanation, I am not a rabid open carry advocate, but I do support it. If we had open carry, I would still most likely conceal my pistol most of the time. I would just be a lot less concerned about perfect concealment on a 102º day with 85% humidity, or while driving, for instance. But we don't have open carry here, at least not yet, and there is a statist wing of the state's republican party which colludes with democrats to keep that from happening. Hopefully, we'll remove that roadblock in the next legislative session (2015, our legislature only meets on alternate years). As far as long guns go, there is no law against carrying a loaded long gun anywhere that firearms are allowed, but there is a law against the open display of a firearm in a manner intended to cause alarm......and that is a subjective standard directly correlated with just how tightly the observer's panties are twisted up about firearms, because the observer gets to decide what causes alarm, not the person whose intent is at stake. I may carry a shotgun from the trunk of my car in the parking lot, into a gunstore 20 yards away, intending to have it repaired, and not at all intending to cause alarm——but to the socialist twat driving by, that display may be very alarming, and a "man with a gun" call goes out to the local PD.........and socialists LOVE it when they can enforce their illiberal and repressive attitudes onto other people, so I'll be the one taking the ride to the local cop shop until it all gets sorted out, and not the person whose complaint had me falsely detained.So in those kinds of respects, Texas is not yet perfect, but it is a DAMNED sight better, and a LOT more common sense than California, most particularly with respect to the process of buying a gun.
What form do I have to fill out at PetSmart in order to purchase a rat?
Live animal purchase card
How do I buy a car in Dubai?
Knowing how to buy a car in Dubai will allow you to access a market full of luxury cars at affordable prices or, at least, lower than in Europe and other neighboring countries.5 Tips When Buying a Used Car in Dubai, UAEThe city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates attracts people from all over the world due, in part, to the income of non-tax residents. Owning a car in Dubai is a must, because the city's residential center is quite distant from the commercial and business areas.There is not much in the way of public transport. Dubai residents will find that they can buy either new or used vehicles with relative ease, but they will have to follow a series of points and steps to do so.Eight Steps to follow:Step 1:The first thing is to locate the car model that you are interested in, what you can do through the Internet, thus searching between new and used cars. It is also very common to hold auctions in Dubai with second-hand luxury cars that their previous owners have not been able to pay. Although as a general rule they are much cheaper than in Europe, find out how much the same model costs in this country.Step 2:Once you have made the decision, you should know that you have to meet two very important requirements to buy a car in Dubai:Have a residence visa.Dubai requires vehicle buyers to own a residence visa. Residents of Dubai can obtain the required documentation for residence visas through their employers.Possess a driver's license from the UAE or an international license. Anyone who buys a car in the UAE must have a valid UAE driver's license. Citizens of other countries can use their driver's licenses to obtain a license from the UAE without a driving test. They have to fill out an authorization form in Arabic, pass an eye exam in Dubai, have a passport from their country of origin and pay a fee.Step 3:You can find used cars for sale published in newspaper ads or on the Internet. They can also buy a used car from car dealerships. In addition, you can bid on a used car at an auction.Step 4:Car retailers of new and used cars offer buyers the opportunity to finance their purchase. The terms of the car loans are between one and four years.Step 5:Car buyers who need financing could also get a loan through their bank. The bank will offer the loanee with a series of deferred payment checks that must be given to the dealer once a month.Step 6:The buyer of a used car in Dubai must transfer ownership. The current and previous owner of the car must fill out an application in the Traffic Police, and present the car license plates, registration card, insurance certificate and proof the previous owner has no outstanding debt in the car in order to transfer ownership.Step 7:Any person who owns a car in Dubai should have it insured. The owner can purchase insurance through an insurance company for approximately four to six percent of the value of the vehicle. Car owners must have a driver's license from the UAE, a passport and a car test registered with the previous owner or car dealer to buy insurance in Dubai.Step 8:Once the car is insured, it must be registered. The car dealers will help the new owner with this process for new and used cars.
How do I respond to a request for a restraining order? Do I need to fill out a form?
As asked of me specifically,The others are right, you will likely need a lawyer. But to answer your question, there is a response form to respond to a restraining order or order of protection. Worst case the form is available at the courthouse where your hearing is set to be heard in, typically at the appropriate clerk's window, which may vary, so ask any of the clerk's when you get there.You only have so many days to respond, and it will specify in the paperwork.You will also have to appear in court on the date your hearing is scheduled.Most courts have a department that will help you respond to forms at no cost. I figure you are asking because you can't afford an attorney which is completely understandable.The problem is that if you aren't represented and the other person is successful in getting a temporary restraining order made permanent in the hearing you will not be allowed at any of the places the petitioner goes, without risking arrest.I hope this helps.Not given as legal advice-
How is a firearm purchased in America?
Thanks for the A2A.Here is an excerpt from one of my other answers on “gun control”:“Notwithstanding what you hear on the media, or from gun control groups, here is the REALITY of buying a gun:If I want to buy a gun, I go to my local gun store. I talk to the (knowledgeable, helpful and VERY aware of the law) clerk, discuss my desires and options, maybe hold a few guns (can’t fire them in my county), and make my selection. I pay a deposit. I fill out paperwork. They make a copy of my ID. I walk out, empty-handed. Anywhere from 10 to 20 days later (yes, I KNOW what the law says, I am telling you what actually happens), I get a call telling me the paperwork and background check are completed. I go down to the store, pay the balance of the purchase price, and . . . go home empty-handed, again. THEN I wait the mandatory 10 day “cooling off” period (how much “cooler” can I get??? I’ve ALREADY waited several weeks!), and go back and pick up my gun. If it doesn’t come with a trigger and/or action lock, they make me buy one. I have to certify that I have a gun safe to store it in. Easy, peasy, right??? Easier than buying a book, according to our President.Now, I had a desire to buy a particular rifle - an older rifle, no longer manufactured. I went on the Internet and found a guy who had one, and wanted to sell. President Obama says I can buy a gun over the Internet with no problem, and no paperwork, right? I had to (1) make the deal with the seller, over the Internet, then (2) I had to find a local FFL ( licensed federal firearms dealer) near me, who was willing to handle the transaction (many aren’t), and (3) the SELLER had to go find a local FFL near HIM (you can’t ship guns interstate except between FFLs), and (4) I had to pay fees to both FFLs (not beefing them - they deserved to be compensated for all the paperwork they had to do), and (5) the gun was shipped from the seller’s FFL to my FFL, and THEN, (6) I had to go through all of the stuff described above. Paperwork. 10 day waiting period. The whole parade.And the gun control folks want to make this MORE difficult????”Now, I live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia,  so my experience is probably worse than it would be in most states, but the foregoing is an accurate description of what  happened the last two times I purchased guns.The GOOD news, to the extent there is any?  Your state (unless you live in NY, MA, NJ) is likely to be somewhat less burdensome.  The  folks at your local gun store  will be knowledgeable about the process, and will guide you through it.  Many states (the four I mentioned, plus Hawaii,  that I know of, have some version of an “assault weapons” ban.  CA and NY have limitations on the size of magazines (10 in CA, 7 in NY).  CA is proposing to ban ALL semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles (including, for example, my son’s Ruger 10/22, .22  rifle, which he uses for varmint control and  target practice.  A .22.  But, gun grabbers aren’t rational, so what are you going to do?The folks at your local gun store will also be familiar with  state restrictions, they will not have guns in inventory or available for sale that are banned in your state.In addition, many states have  requirements on storage of guns, so you may ALSO have to purchase a gun safe and/or trigger or action lock (both of which must be “state approved” in CA).  Plan on spending at least several hundred dollars on the safe, maybe more.Your question suggests that you are not a gun owner, so I am assuming that you have little or no training  in firearms handling and firearms safety.  If that is correct, PLEASE  find a good firearms and firearms safety class, BEFORE you buy your gun.  The NRA holds such classes regularly, in most areas (it is the primary function of the NRA), and the classes are, in my experience, excellent.  ANYONE who will have access to your gun should have such training.Good luck!
Why do 16 year olds have to get a parent to fill out a form in order to donate blood?
Why do 16 year olds have to get a parent to fill out a form in order to donate blood?Because a 16 year old is still a minor and blood donation isn't one of the exempt categories of medical care (such as prenatal care, STI testing, contraceptive services, etc.) that they are legally permitted access to without the consent of a guardian. At least this is the case in the United States, and the specific laws vary from state to state. More information on these exemptions can be found at Page on guttmacher.org
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